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What a true life changing experience
from one of our clients:
Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times, and good times. Life will inevitably throw you some unexpected difficulties. But you can get through them with a helping hand, much like I did. When I was suffering through a financial dilemma, I reached out to the Center for Health & Financial Solutions (CHFS), and they shed some light on my darkness. I never fully understood the vulnerability of my lifestyle, and I ended up with many hardships simultaneously. It got to a point where it felt like my whole world was starting to collapse suddenly. I never realized until I ended up with lots of troubles that I could not afford to solve with my own strength.

I was in a place where I got used to dealing with my partner's anger, depression, anxiety, stress, and so on, which began to regulate my emotions. I felt as though my body was unfit. I was experiencing so many outside difficulties that I was temporarily losing my self/identity. I didn't want any of my friends or family to see me in this position. But I was quite lucky; I was able to get help from the CHFS. Their counseling program helped me rediscover myself. They helped me to see the meaning in my life.

I had never considered going to a counselor before until I tried CHFS. I never knew counseling could be a good way to find one’s purpose in life. In the past, I have been indecisive and confused about what to do and how to get rid of my problems. It was the best thing I ever did when I got an individual counseling session with a counselor at the CHFS. At first, I wanted to find out whether there was something inherently wrong with me.

The counselor provided me with a safe place to talk about my personal matters. They listened to me without any judgment, which was something that I needed and appreciated. I was able to open up, and they understood my emotions. I was comfortable enough that we were able to continue talking

The counseling program started to release the stress I was experiencing from my problems. Consequently, the way my self-confidence has significantly improved has been the most exciting result; I have never felt so good. The insecurity about my life has gradually decreased. The guidance, motivation, and encouragement from the counselor I worked with started to boost my self-esteem. The Center for Health & Financial Solutions counseling program would be great for anyone going through some personal struggles or needs help identifying some underlying issues as I did. I understand that many people may need to be addressed immediately for their problems because dealing with tough times is something we have to face in life. That's why counseling is a better option than falling apart. As I was able to find solutions through the Center for Health & Financial Solutions, you can give them a try today!
We are the best
Center for Health & Financial Solutions has been giving result-driven consultations in public health to low income communities
Excellence Record
Since the inception of the center, our outreach program has contributed about $20,000 worth of educational materials into families for improving retention rate among school age kids.
  • Improvement

    Working towards improving health care access among low income population by 33% by year 2025.

  • Happy Clients

    Assisting 10 client to start-up their own business.

  • Income Increasing

    21 Clients increased their monthly net income

  • Housing Improvement

    Working with our partners to improve housing conditions for 6 families

  • Jobs

    11 Job placements

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Enhancing your success
Our vision is to build a healthy communities with an opportunity for a world class of financial stability.
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