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In the absence of good health, economic well being is eroded and unsustainable. Therefore, There is no equivalent to a great health. It is a widely believe that    poor health is costly, which has led many people to bankruptcy. At CHFS, we believe that a good health is the foundation for wealth creation. Health care inequality has made many people to be financially unstable. In a community, the financial and health impact on people are quite significant. When the community has a positive financial position, there is capacity to build and enhance the community for growth. When the community is experiencing a negative financial position, there is a heavy toll on human survival.

In some cases where there are negative health effect on some groups, the impact is apparent within the community. As such, the resources are directed towards managing and support the groups. Conversely, when there is great health, there is capacity to build and work to uplift others.

“Health is a priceless wealth.

Invest while you can.”

Bryant McGill

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