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I understand that all the information that I provided to Center for Health & Financial Solutions are true and not misleading to the best of my ability. As a consequence, by providing false information or misrepresentation may result into immediate termination from any of our programs and/or a legal action may be taken.

All the pertinent  information that you provided to Center for Health & Financial Solutions are protected and confidential under the law.

Also, your privacy will always be respected and your name or other personal information that might identify you will never be disclosed to the public or sold for commercial purposes.

This agreement will be valid until the end of our service/consulting engagement. If for any reason you find that satisfactory services are not provided, you may terminate services with 14-days notice. Likewise, the Center for Health & Financial Solutions reserves the right to terminate services with 14-days’ notice.

Your signature on this agreement indicates full compliance with the requests and the promises above and a complete understanding of the services to be provided.